Is Belly Fat Considered As Silent Killer?

Is belly fat more dangerous than other fats in your body until the extent that it can kill you? As your age grows, can belly fat actually cause any diseases or health issues as well? It seems one of the most concerning questions for most of you, and it’s time to tackle this problem now right before it leads to any illnesses.

Often time when you want to loss weight and get rid of your unattractive belly fat, you may have a tendency to look at people who are overweight, as you know that even a simple act of walking when the heat works to drain a body during the summer month of the year, also needs a monumental strength. Perhaps that's why you feel sympathy with their feelings and their appearances - sad!

Probably some day when you are sitting in your car, you can start focusing on people who are, maybe just a little and aren’t overweight, including males, females and kids. You will definitely be shocked by the numbers. Most of the time, people will make fun of them, too.

Belly fat has numerous nicknames which include Spare Tire, Beer Belly (or Pot Belly), Santa Belly, Jelly-Belly and Muffin Top. We are all familiar with these derogatory labels along with its meaning. Sometimes, we even try to give a gentler and kinder name to the belly fat. Some doctors even describe belly fat as apple-shaped, which sounds a little great. However, regardless of derogatory or softer labels, all labels mean the same thing, indicating that there are too much fat, either sticks out obviously or flops down over the belts, around the stomach.

We normally will not have an intention to gain a spare tire. As we grow older, our body will definitely be affected by many factors, just seems as the stomach is getting bigger day-by-day without any valid reasons, instead of having a flat belly as at aged 20.

Sometimes, when we are busier due to overburdened with responsibilities, we will only include our health as the final task of the 'to-do' list. There's a car insurance advertisement, describes "Life comes at you fast" by showing the victims of a car accident. This actually tells us that, life don't just come at us fast through driving, but also get bombarded by all life's circumstances.

In fact, not all are gluttons, some people are just overeat or over drink. When a person is overindulging, there is always a valid reason behind it. As a college student, when you feel pressure on the exams and the expensive tuition fee, you will be more likely to take less nutrition by eating foods that are cheap, and can be finished quickly, in order to follow up with the heavy class load.


Exhaustion plays a part in gaining extra weight on you too, if you are working for long hours, or working hard just trying to make ends meet. When the moment you return home, all you want do is to wolf down and veg out some snacks while watching television. As you all know, stress serves as a trigger which helps in the harbouring of belly fat. That's why we eat when we feel stress.

You will also probably prefer to release your stress by doing exercises at the gym or take a jog at the garden. This is perfectly understandable as all of us have our own habitual ways of dealing with stress.

However, weight gain could be a sneak attack as well. You look fine during the previous minute. Once your life becomes hectic, you will be shocked if you stare at your recent photos. Camera doesn't lie, and it hints you that, it is really hard to reconcile the belly fat with your feelings. You probably will often feel that your appearance is always same as usual. However, you will definitely be shocked especially when the moment you or others see how the weight has snuck up on all of us.

Fat Through the Ages

You could have encountered showcasing overweight people, if you have ever looked at any paintings done by the world's well-known artists in your life. Some people were heavier with just little extra pounds as compared to others who are overweight. But, belly fat on women’s bodies was not being considered as ugly, especially when it can obviously be seen through a naked model.

Instead, these people were being considered as plump while visually pleasing to the eye as well. It is mainly because, since years ago, people who are overweight were thought to be attractive and healthy. It also meant that they are rich enough as they had money to afford foods.

Women with belly fat were thought to be a good candidate of childbearing, while men with belly fat were thought to be a successful man for his beloved ones. People's reflection is their current state, but, science and medical technology are not the same with the age of those historical paintings anymore.

And, now you know, belly fat is not only unattractive, but can also reduce your life span.

What Exactly Belly Fat Is?


Scientifically, belly fat is recognised by the title of visceral fat, which also known as intra-abdominal fat. It basically means that, this is the fat that you carry in your abdomen, which also deeply surround your internal organs in your body. If you are still thinking all the medical warnings concerning the dangers of this fat are mostly hype, you couldn't be more wrong.

Let's look into how this fat does to your liver as an example. The function of your liver is to transform this fat into cholesterol in the body. This is not the good kind either, as we know what cholesterol does to arteries. The fat later became plaque carried in your blood which sticks to the arteries and in the heart. This plaque is able to constrict the amount of blood to flow through. When there is enough plaque build-up, the blood can't pass through the artery, which can cause a cardiovascular disease such as heart attack.

Fat has actually been labelled with 2 names, known as visceral and subcutaneous. Subcutaneous refers to beneath the skin. Subcutaneous fat, normally known as cellulite, is the fat that you can see. Some people describe cellulite as lumps or flab, but it's all with the same meaning. Although subcutaneous fat is ugly, it is not as harmful to a person's health as visceral fat.

Do you know family genetics play a small part in the amount of fat you are carrying as well? But, no worries, as you can still opt to do something to get rid of your unattractive belly fat.

"I'm a Man So I Can Have More Belly Fat!"


This myth is created by society, which most of the men choose to believe in. It doesn't sound any wrong for a man to have more belly fat than a woman, although it is unhealthy and not attractive enough, so goes the myth.

It is actually bad for you when the belly fat leads you to being overweight. Belly fat is posing a threat to your health no matter you're a man or a woman. It leads to a host of health issues that aren't simply determined by your gender.

Belly fat takes years to gain in your life. It isn't just something hanging around your stomach, and forcing you to buy clothes with bigger sizes, and cut an extra hole on your belt. The fat on your abdomen implies that, your internal organs are surrounded by these fats. These fats around your internal organs can be a risk for your health. Therefore, it is not a matter of whether the fats will affect your life, but when is it.

Even carrying 20 pounds of belly fat also puts you at higher risk for certain health issues such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke. As men grow older, having belly fat has also been proved to have ties to erectile dysfunction, which can affect your relationships with your partner, and hence, lead to depression. For your reference, one of the main causes of death by heart attack is due to having an excess belly fat.

Other than affecting your lifestyle through certain health issues, carrying excess belly fat can lead to the issue of apnea as well while you're sleeping. Sleep apnea is directly connected to the belly fat, which causes the death of Reggie White, a professional football player, in 2004.

But you don't have to worry if you're a man. As men’s metabolism is higher than women, so, there will be a lot easier and faster for men to get rid of the belly fat as compared to women.

What Belly Fat Means For Women?

There’re a lot of women gain belly fats at young aged. You probably do not know that, as women grow older, belly fat can slow everything down, especially the metabolism, if they're still showing ignorance on their weight.

Just like men, the probabilities of women to having a heart attack, stroke or diabetes are more likely to become higher, if women carry belly fat. Most of the women are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes because the body needs to function properly with the insulin, but the pancreas unable to produce them.


According to the researches, belly fat and diabetes always come hand in hand. For women, there are other gender-specific health risks which can be higher than the risk of diabetes. One thing you probably do not know, belly fat contributes in causing so-called female cancers as well. One scientific research linked the visceral fat with the possibilities in developing breast cancer. Therefore, when you see women carry belly fat, it does not just simply mean that, she has no a great look.

Belly fat has also been claimed as one of the possibilities for women to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a silent cancer. This indicates that, getting rid of an excess belly fat lowers the overall threat of these cancers.

Imagine if you're not carrying excess belly fat, you will definitely feel a lot better about yourself with your great look, and it's also a whole lot easier for you to shop for any clothes that fit you. However, apart from the outer appeal aside, it's too risky for women having too much belly fat. It is mainly because, even you are not feeling hungry, it’s also hard for the fat around your abdomen to release hormones that trigger a hunger response.

How Teenagers Relate To Belly Fat?

Even teenagers are also susceptible to the health risks associated with belly fat. In the past 10 years, belly fat has increased more than 50% among youngsters, which shows an astonishing rate.

Teenagers with too much fat on the body can actually develop Type II diabetes, and today, doctors are also seeing more patients of Type II diabetes are teenagers as compared to the past. Don't be surprised if you see a teenager with belly fat doesn't have diabetes, as they will be facing the risk of serious health complications by the time when they are aged 40s.

It's hard being a teenager today. Before they become middle-aged adults, teenagers experience all sorts of concerns and fears among people having same age with them. Especially when belly fat becomes apparent, it lowers teens' self-esteem and can even rob away their most wonderful and formative moment in their lives.

"I'm a Thin Person, So, I Don’t Need To Worry About Belly Fat!"


You're absolutely wrong. You can't avoid the destruction belly fat can cause on your body. In fact, visceral fat can also be developed on a thin person's body. Scientists are now as well realising that visceral fat does not discriminate against any body types. Although you can't obviously see the belly fat on a thin person, as you see in people with excess belly fat, it's just as bad, instead of how the society assumes that, thin person has a healthy fat level.


That's the reason causing most of the people undiagnosed or overlooked the risks for thin person. You probably will ask, how can you actually tell yourself if you need to concern about your visceral fat, if you do not have an obvious belly fat? There are some tests which can tell you how much of your body is made up of visceral fat.

The Outside Versus The Inside

Let say we put aside all the health issues which caused by the belly fat, and take it as a belly fat that is not harmful to the body. But, it still has the visual appeal, right?

There's nothing attractive when our belly sticks out over the waistband of our jeans. However, this is how others judged our appearance. People with larger bellies are often being judged with social thoughts by their peers and colleagues. When they are looking for a job, they are also less likely to get hired compared to people who are thinner. There are also studies proving that people who are thinner are more likely to get promoted compared to heavier colleagues. Yes, it's not fair, not right, and even illegal, yet it’s the way society is.

But, the worst thing is often time we feel ugly inside especially when seeing an obvious belly fat from a mirror. Our inner critic can always make us feel discouraged or sometimes even disgusted with our unattractive belly fat on our stomach, when we try on some clothes and look at ourselves from a full-length mirror. And, you can't even find the clothes which can flatter your larger belly, even if you can, it doesn't look nice either.

Do you feel that, the feeling of discouragement or disgust could lead us to feel emotionally, and leads to overeating as well? It becomes a cycle, but it doesn't mean that we can't break the cycle.

How Much Fat Is Too Much?


You can actually use a measuring tape around your stomach to gauge how large your belly size is. If you're a man with a belly measures over 40 inches, it's mean that you're having too much fat on your belly.

If you're a woman with a belly measures over 35 inches, you should do something about it right now. Belly fat is harmful to all of us, no matter you're a man, woman, thin person, overweight, or teen or baby boomer.

Never procrastinate, and let's do something about it now.

Nothing can be more important than your life.

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